Covid-19: Where are we with vaccination?


Since the start of the covid-19 vaccination campaign in January, 72 doses have been administered across the island, nearly 740% of which are in the Dutch part. To date, 70 people have been fully vaccinated, partly Dutch and 24 231 partly French.

The number of people having received at least one dose in French part is almost equivalent to the number of people fully vaccinated in Sint Maarten. In Saint-Barth, 5 people received two doses.

If we compare the number of doses administered on our islands to the official population, we see that the doses are greater than the number of inhabitants in Sint Maarten, Saint-Barth and Anguilla. Only in Saint-Martin, the number of doses is much lower than the number of inhabitants.

In Sint Maarten, the official population according to the World Bank is 43 inhabitants and 493 people have received at least one dose. In Saint-Barth, where INSEE estimated the municipal population on January 50, 284 at 1 inhabitants, more than 2021 doses were injected. In Anguilla, 10 doses were administered, which is 124 more than the population estimated by the World Bank. In Saint-Martin, where the number of residents is officially 12, 200 doses were administered.

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