Readers' mail: The French part in a terrible state!


The French part of Saint-Martin has never been in such a state and in particular Marigot: public lighting not repaired for almost 4 years, punctured roads, rutted sidewalks, car wrecks everywhere. Anger is mounting among the inhabitants. Extracts ...

“It is now too risky to go out in the dark at night. The Marina Royale which is the tourist center of Marigot is still abandoned when it should have been the first place to renovate after Irma, not to mention the various sites in the French part stopped due to non-payment to companies and the Sandy Bridge -Ground still stationary.

It is legitimate to ask the question of knowing if the COM is capable of managing the country and one wonders if the simplest would not be to return to the statute of municipality of Guadeloupe ”. LC


> La Belle Creole at Nettlé Bay: beautiful from afar and far from being beautiful!

“I'm ashamed to show my island! Between the carcasses of cars, the filth, the non-reconstructions, the state of the roads with potholes, "big hens then", the spectacle is distressing!

What does the Collectivity do? ". _PP


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  1. Thierrysbh May 3, 2021 at 10:15 pm Reply

    And yes since tax exemption and the arrival of foreigners. St Martin is no longer a French island but Haitian, Dominican. Former mayor Albert Fleming is most responsible for it. Afterwards, the others were incapable. Now we only have eyes to cry on.

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