Coronavirus: Parents infected their son


The director of the ARS gave at a press conference Wednesday additional information on the three cases of coronavirus confirmed in the North Islands.

She confirmed that the parents of the resident of Saint-Barth came from the Oise, one of the homes of coronavirus in mainland France. They are carriers of the virus but show no symptoms.

However, last weekend, their son developed symptoms (cough, etc.). He was taken care of as required by the procedure and during his interrogation, the health authorities understood that he may have been contaminated by his parents who had to return to mainland the same day.

"We obtained the list of all the passengers who were on the boat carrying the parents between the two islands, we contacted them and apparently no one would be infected today", continues the director of the ARS. Passengers who were on the plane in which the parents traveled were also contacted; the ARS of the regions from which they originated were informed and no case was reported.

In addition, "samples from the immediate cases were taken and turned out to be negative," confirms Valérie Denux. The son, still in solitary confinement in Saint-Barth, will not be allowed to leave it until after the period of fourteen days if the two compulsory tests to be carried out prove to be negative. The same goes for parents who will not be allowed to go back to mainland France.

"So far, around thirty tests have been carried out in Guadeloupe and in the Northern Islands and all of them have been negative", specifies Valérie Denux who can therefore affirm that the coronavirus does not circulate in our islands. (

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