JUSTICE: Woman gets one year in prison for defrauding the state


After several referrals, LC and DS appeared in local court on October 22 for fraud, money laundering and concealment of property resulting from a scam.

LC is criticized,  aged 37, for having obtained 229 euros from the solidarity fund set up by the government to help companies impacted by the covid-000 crisis by making a false declaration of turnover and then attempting to transfer part of this sum to an account in Dubai. DS, her husband four years older, is accused of taking advantage of this money when he knew it came from a scam.

Maître Luc Godefroy, argues that his client intended to use these funds to "make an investment" as part of the development of her business, specifically she had to buy "a billionaire address book" for the sum of 150 000 euros on the advice of a lawyer friend in Dubai. Maître Godefroy recognizes "a lack of professionalism" on the part of his client who indicated "a forecast turnover" in the preparation of the help file.

The deputy prosecutor requested a fine of 150 euros and a four-year prison sentence, two of which were suspended. He also asked for a deferred committal warrant.

Next to LC on the dock, DS, the one who will soon become her ex-husband. The couple is indeed in the process of divorce.  Regarding getting state aid, “of course my client couldn't ignore the situation, that his wife was receiving money in a questionable way… But he couldn't go either. to the gendarmerie to denounce it… He could not denounce it even if the couple was already struggling, LC having shown evidence of infidelity, ”admits Master Tillard. DS assures that he did not derive any benefit from the aid thus obtained. 

The deputy prosecutor also seems to think so since he did not request any sentence against DS. It will also be the opinion of the court which will release him. 

However, the judges found LC guilty of the charges. He sentenced her to two years in prison, one year of which is firm. He also issued a deferred committal warrant. The court also received the civil action from the state, LC is ordered to reimburse him the 229 euros. (soualigapost.com)

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