Most beautiful goat competition: 15 years of success


Last Sunday in Colombier, the association I love My Ram organized the 15th edition of the now very famous competition for the most beautiful goat. The breeders of Saint-Martin and the neighboring islands would not have missed this event for nothing in the world.

This annual competition, which aims to highlight the goats of Saint-Martin and encourage breeders, this year brought together 23 goats in different categories: Creole, Boer, Nubian, Young generation and Yo Goat.

In each category, the two judges Owen Janvier and Ursula Oppikofer had to choose the three most fit and especially the most beautiful goats. For the prestigious Boer category, it was Francis Jacobs who won the victory, for the 7th consecutive year! In the Nubian category, Soldier Boy won the first prize. This year, the competition has been moved from its usual place, a little higher than the village. Under the trees, taking photos with the goats while savoring good local dishes, visitors did not hide their joy, already impatient to attend the next edition. _KL

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