The difficult ascent of the Local Urban Plan


The PLU, this unloved: it was the subject of many criticisms during the last Territorial Council. This management tool, more flexible than the land use plan (POS), should be approved at the end of the year.

As a preamble, the vice-president of the Collectivity Guillaume Arnell made a point of responding to the attacks relating to the lack of consultation of the PLU. In front of elected officials and the population, the head of the Sustainable Development Department recalled the series of meetings and public presentations made in recent months. Admittedly, the different versions of the PLU may have sowed misunderstanding, but "what matters today is the final version", estimated Mr. Arnell, specifying that "all the people who asked us is the subject of particular attention, and their complaints have been taken into account ”. In order to stop the PLU project, the results of the consultation were therefore carried out in plenary session. “The associated public persons - the State, the CCISM and the CESC - will then have 3 months to give an opinion. A public inquiry will be launched next October, with the drafting of a report by the commissioner-investigator in November, ”said the president of the Collectivity Aline Hanson, explaining that the completed document will have to respect not only the town planning code of Saint-Martin, enforceable since March 1, but also the national environmental code. The PLU project was finally adopted. The opposition voted against denouncing a lack of strategy for the territory. The deputy Daniel Gibbs notably took the example of the areas intended for the tourism sector "insufficient" whereas "this sector represents 90% of the economy of Saint-Martin".

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