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Last Saturday from 16 p.m. to 20 p.m. the second private sale took place in the decoration store located at Hope Estate. The first which took place on the day of the inauguration was a real success. Success that was repeated during this edition.

Christmas is fast approaching, the managers of Bleu de Perse, Patrice Anseur and Eric Durand, wanted to mark the occasion by offering their regular customers the opportunity to participate in a private sale in this decoration sanctuary which has made a name for itself. good reputation since its opening last July. If a 50% discount was applied to all soaps, a 15% reduction was required on all products displayed and available in the 1200 m² of the store. Crockery, furniture, sofas, canvases, frames, lighting, decorative items, kitchen accessories, etc ... the customers present had a great time. It took Eric and Patrick no less than three years to realize their dream of opening their own sales area dedicated to interior architecture, furniture and decoration on the French side. And more than fifty reference brands coexist in the gigantic warehouse, brands such as Mariage Frères, Athezza, Hanjel, Chehoma, Pomax, Petite Friture, and even Bérengère Leroy. In the space of six months, Bleu de Perse succeeded in creating an indisputable customer list, the full parking lot and the crowds in the store were the ultimate proofs of this.

Persian Blue Interiors - Hope Estate (next to Nature Animal)


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