Cité Scolaire: The construction of the mobile classrooms is finished!


The six mobile classes in the college section, which have been awaited since last September by the pupils, teachers and parents of the school complex, are finally completed. However, they cannot be used once the safety commission has passed.

“They are installed and equipped. All checks have been carried out and their reports sent to the prefecture except one which should be picked up within a week. After which the prefect can convene the security committee, ”reports Christian Climent-Pons, project director to the rector of Guadeloupe, responsible for monitoring the reconstruction of the education system in Saint-Martin. According to the prefecture, it is the entire establishment that will be the subject of the safety commission's visit. As regards the four mobile classes of the high school part, whose construction was to start in the courtyard of the establishment once those of the college are completed, they will finally be moved next to the gymnasium and will house three changing rooms and an equipment storage room. "The modifying building permit is in progress" says Christian Climent-Pons.

Pending the construction of the college of 900, the Collectivity has undertaken to make provisional classes available on the land adjacent to the school complex owned by the COM. This prefab complex should have 14 classes whose delivery is scheduled for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.


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