4th edition USEP-CTOS “Kindergarten” CUP: A sports afternoon for many children!


The territorial fund of school works of Saint-Martin and the association USEP Iles du Nord offered 50 children from nursery schools a sports afternoon last Wednesday at the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium. 

The USEP-CTOS CUP is an event registered in the PEDT (territorial educational project of Saint-Martin). The CTOS extracurricular team, with its department head Ms. ANGELY Sandra and the association USEP Iles du Nord have pooled their strength for this sports festival for the children of extracurricular students and USEP graduates. The aim of this event is to improve educational consistency and continuity. "We invest in school time and non-school educational time so that there is consistency in the care of children and in all the educational spaces they pass through." underlines Jean-Luc Elice, president USEP Iles du Nord. Next meeting, Wednesday June 24 for cycle 3. _AF

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