CCISM: a conference-debate to decipher organic law 


The organic law of 2007 created the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, endowed with autonomy governed by article 74 of the Constitution. Louis Mussington invites the population on Friday evening to the CCISM in order to discuss this law which has caused a lot of ink to flow.

“For the economic development of Saint-Martin: more political autonomy”, such is the theme chosen for this evening which will welcome several distinguished guests. Louis Mussington has indeed invited specialists on the subject - including Frantz Gumbs and Louis-Constant Fleming - who will share their experiences with the public. “I host a program on Youth Radio. The idea to organize this conference came while listening to the listeners. I then understood that many people are disappointed with the choice of article 74, believing that they do not have the expected results in several areas ”, he explains. Two experts from Guadeloupe will also be present. “They will do a comparative analysis on the different communities (…) this will help us to understand how to orient the necessary modifications to our organic law, he adds. I remain convinced that we must work in this direction. ” Meet at 19:30 p.m. at the CCISM.


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