Two public service houses coming soon


The prefecture, the General Social Security Fund (CGSS), the family allowance fund (CAF), Pôle Emploi and the Collectivity signed an agreement last week to open two service homes for the public (MSAP) in Sandy Ground and in Quartier d'Orléans.

The vocation of an MSAP is to allow the public to find a first level of information and support in their administrative procedures. In a single place, the public will be able to find information concerning Pôle Emploi, the CGSS, the CAF or even the services of the community.

People will be recruited in civic service and will be trained by all of the partners so that they are able to provide the right answers and direct the public to the right organizations.

The houses will also be the headquarters of the Trait d'Union victim assistance association.

Both MSAPs are expected to open later this month. This action is part of the city contract signed in December 2015 between the State and the COM.


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