Nettle Bay: Theft of ten rental cars


During the night of 24 to 25, Christmas Eve evening, a car rental company was stolen no less than ten vehicles, including six completely new which had just been delivered. Located at Nettle Bay, the car park was stored on a lighted, fully fenced and closed lot, access to which was broken.

The owner of the rental company, shocked by the discovery, considers it a premeditated act, perfectly prepared and planned.

“You can't disappear with ten vehicles in a few minutes. This requires a certain logistics, “says the owner. The latter alerted the gendarmerie on Christmas morning, but the soldiers refused to move to carry out the usual observations and surveys, "impossible for them to go to Nettle Bay due to the blocking of Sandy Ground", reports the manager of the car rental company. For the latter, "we can hardly imagine what would happen in the event of a robbery, serious assault or otherwise ...".

Contacted by phone, the deputy commander of the Northern Islands company confirmed the flight, while assuring that the soldiers had not been able to come on the day of the call "because it was not a big priority And that the blocking of Sandy Ground was not a problem to move. For the deputy company commander “between human and material, we always favor people. The day after the theft, there was a worrying disappearance of a person, domestic violence, etc. ”. But the gendarmerie has planned to send investigators, ICT (Criminal Investigation Technician), to make the findings in the afternoon of yesterday Thursday._RM

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