Chess: (Christmas tournament) Avalon Washington king of Samanna!


The Christmas tournament crowned a new king last Sunday in the person of Avalon Washington, who signed his 2nd success there after his victory at the Bodega.

He succeeds Jef Follner in the prize list of the event. His most difficult part, he disputed against Yashwant Vaswani, meritorious second who had at heart to redeem himself after his disappointment in the last tournament. But it was against the 10th, Jean-Luc Azoulay, that he almost lost his only game leaving his lady in gear. On the 3rd step of the podium, there is the surprising Jeremie Picarle who thus obtained his best ranking by knowing how to seize all the opportunities that presented themselves. Boris Spirta only took 4th place because he lost a lot of time which was limited to 10 minutes.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all. Are you interested in chess? 06 90 55 12 14.

Ranking :

1. Avalon Washington, Samanna Prize

2. Yashwant Vaswani, Super U Prize

3. Jeremie Picarle, Super U Prize

4. Boris Spirta

5. Ormond Jowett

6. Garry Farrugia

7. Jules Richinsin

8. Pascal Djian

9. Jean-Christ Delogu

10. Jean-Luc Azoulay

 8,258 total views

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