Auberge de mer: A danger order threatens ten or so businesses


The Auberge de Mer, is the subject of a decree (updated) by the president of the Collectivity, carrying ordinary danger, posted since last week on the window of the former press house, opposite the cemetery of Marigot. Semsamar, which has the concession, is thus summoned "to carry out the demolition work of the entire Auberge de Mer building, within two months from the notification of the update of the decree". 

The ten merchants who rent the building ensure that they were not informed directly by their lessor of the update of this decree. "We have no communication with Semsamar," says Jean-Baptiste, who opened his restaurant twenty-one years earlier. At the end of June, a first endangerment order was posted. Semsamar invited the traders to a meeting by mail two days later.

"We found ourselves in front of the management of Semsamar and several building experts, who told us that we had to empty our premises because they were going to have to dismantle the building to access its structure, considering that it was dangerous, ”reports Jean-Baptiste, who explains that he then invited the experts whom he had never seen before entering the premises, to come the next day to inspect his restaurant, specifying that they could access the structure from the mezzanine. “Since then, there has been radio silence. "

Among the traders, some still have a classic commercial lease. But most of them signed an AOT (Temporary Occupation Authorization in the public domain) four years ago, with Samagest (subsidiary of Semsamar) which manages the marina. Indeed, the building being on the public domain, the concessionaire had, by law, to sign an AOT and not a lease. The difference is fraught with consequences for businesses: "It is specified black on white that if tomorrow they have to release you there is no compensation or anything", explains Jean-Baptiste. "Are they planning to relocate us somewhere, what are they going to do here?" We don't know anything at all, ”he continues.

Without a proposed relocation for the moment, the thirty or so people working in the building have no idea of ​​the turn that their professional life will take at the end of these two months of delays. Determined to defend their businesses, they organize themselves in a collective and sent a letter to the president of the Collectivity asking him to backtrack. If they do not succeed, they plan to turn to the courts to challenge the legitimacy of the demolition.

For the time being, Semsamar has not yet answered our questions. As for the Collectivity, which will take over the management of the marina at the beginning of 2019 and plans for its rehabilitation, it declares that it will be "attentive to the proposals for rehousing of the businesses concerned by Semsamar". The COM also announces that a working meeting will be scheduled for this purpose soon.

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