Culture: A new Latin dance festival not to be missed this weekend!


The “Sxm Bailar” Association is organizing its second kizomba festival this weekend by once again inviting Gilles de Souza, a professional kizomba teacher in Paris who will provide the public with 8 hours of lessons in the company of Rayan Rammo, also a kizomba teacher at Sint-Maarten.

The lessons will take place in sessions of 2 hours before the evenings, from 19 to 21 p.m. for Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday 4 hours of fun: 2 hours in the afternoon with your feet in the sand (or water! ) in Grand-Case from 15 to 17 p.m. and then from 20 to 22 p.m. at the Lotus.

These workshops will each time be followed by free evenings with Latin accents (salsa, bachata, kizomba and merengue): Friday October 19 at 21 p.m. at Snoppy's bar in Simpson Bay, Saturday October 20 at 21 p.m. at Snack Shack at La Savane and to finish in style on Sunday evening at 22 p.m. at the Lotus.

These Latin fiesta will be hosted by 2 of the most famous Dj of the island: Du Eagle and DJ Ricky! This new association, "Sxm Bailar", aims to boost kizomba / Latin classes and evenings in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten by regularly offering events with teachers with recognized skills around the world.

The first edition of the festival in June was a resounding success with more than 60 people at each course.

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