"SXM Fun Traditional" Association: Foster cultural and sporting exchanges in the Northern Islands!


The SXM Traditional Fun Association was asked by Initiative Saint-Martin Active to participate in the forum on November 25 and 26, at the Concordia Library.

To meet the young Saint-Martin from the vocational college of the Northern Islands and the General school of Savannah and future volunteers, the young students were strongly interested in the activities we offered and the organization of our upcoming event in 2017: "THE INTERNATIONAL CARAIBEAN": the proposed activities touch on different fields: artistic, sports, nautical activities, event organizations, for an annual subscription of 180 €.

Many high school girls have shown interest in DJOKAN (Amazonian Martial Arts) and Kizomba, currently fashionable activities.

However, in the French part, the lack of infrastructure is detrimental to practice these activities.

Fortunately, the President, Géraldine TELL can count on the support of many people: Ms. Marie-Louise NENCI, Katherine GUELA (former stewardess at British AirWays), Mr. ZAFFUTO Manuel (Physiotherapist at Bellevue, comes from Monaco), and of course Mr Roland TOUSSAINT (President of the RED CROSS-Director General of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital). And those absent, Daniel GIBBS (Deputy Saint-Barthélemy / Saint-Martin), Mr Steve TACKLING (TACLKING ASSURANCES), Mr Patrick BERNIER (Yacht Club de St Barth et Voile Traditionnelle de St Barth), Mr Mathieu FORBIN (Boat builder Guadeloupe ).

Other supporters will also be welcome! _AF


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