Social conference: The inhabitants of Marigot and Concordia have spoken


The second public meeting organized by the Collectivity within the framework of the foundations of social policies and integration, took place last Wednesday in Concordia.

As at Sandy Ground the day before, between thirty and forty people came to share their grievances with the Community. The first to speak was a water producer to denounce the binding French regulations and the recent decision to ban production from the prefecture against him.

Then, an English educator and teacher in high school recently arrived on the island,  raised the problem of young schoolchildren, especially foreigners, who have no papers and consequences in their educational path.

Then a resident of Concordia suggested the creation of parks for children. "Here at Concordia, you see buildings everywhere but there are no play areas for children who are thus forced to play in the car parks," she reported. Annick Petrus took note of the remark and assured that the request to develop spaces will be submitted to social landlords. She also clarified that the COM was planning to develop a park at Sandy Ground. Sofia Carti also recalled the project of the coastal conservatory to develop the Galion site for families. (

Lolo's remarkable intervention

The most noticed intervention of the public meeting of the social assizes in Marigot was that of Julio, a young person who created SXM Sport. He spoke for several minutes to denounce several facts such as the lack of solidarity and / or consideration of each other. “The one who is good does not look at the one who is below, the one who is not well and will not help him. (…) We say that a young person is still dead [on a scooter] just as we say that a dog is dead. (…) Instead of fighting for land, we have to fight for children, ”believes this young person who thinks that sport can be one of the remedies for the ailments of youth. “We must help the population through sport. (…) We must look at the problem of sport to fix the island of Saint-Martin, ”he insisted. He also denounced the discrimination suffered by certain young people. "Me, my mother is from Santo Domingo, my father is from Saint-Martin… It's not me who invaded my mother, if I have a Spanish mother, what can I do about it? Everyone has different parents, people say they are from Saint-Martin, but where does our great-great-grandfather come from? This is the problem that must be looked at, there is too much discrimination in Saint-Martin and it is a serious problem, ”he wished to make people understand. Like another young person the day before, he asked for the presence of youth leaders in the neighborhoods. (

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