TOURISM: The New York Times talks about Saint Martin


Magnificent beaches but there is still work to do, here is the title of an article published on March 19 in the Travel section of the New York Times.

The author, Michelle Higgins, takes stock of the island six months after Irma. His article is objective and realistic

Tourists looking for sun, sand and seclusion will undoubtedly find happiness on one of the island's 37 beaches, she says. She adds that the roads are cleaned, the population very welcoming but that the destruction of the island cannot be ignored. She says most of the hotels and restaurants are still closed and lists those that are open on both sides of the island.

She relates in particular that 80% of the hotel park which includes 5 rooms were not operational at the start of March, including the 667 rooms at Westin Dawn Beach, 317 at Riu and 258 at Samanna.

She evokes the situation of Juliana airport where tourists are disembarked directly on the tarmac and carry out the police formalities under "a wedding tent".

Despite the stigma of Irma which she is not unaware of, Michelle Higgins seeks to give a note of optimism and to show the enthusiasm of the population to rebuild.

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