TERRITORY DEVELOPMENT: Public lighting gradually installed in unequipped sectors


Thanks to funding from the State and the COM, the entire territory will ultimately be affected by the rehabilitation of lighting for a total amount of 12 million invested in 2023.

New candelabras have been installed on the road from Oyster Pond to Quartier d'Orléans, passing through the main axis of Hope Estate, the route to Colombier, the Marigot Seafront, Baie Nettle  and the road from Bellevue to the border.

A new €11M program will be initiated by mid-February 2024 and will concern the sectors of Concordia, Marigot center, Terres-Basses, Friar’s Bay, Saint-Louis and Rambaud.

The safety and visibility of local residents and motorists are greatly improved. As well as the public service since in certain sectors such as Grand-Case, a wifi connection will soon be installed in the lighting network.

President Louis Mussington will have the opportunity to discuss current and future achievements, during his greetings to the territory's leaders, on Monday January 22 at 17 p.m.

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