Work alert: Pouring concrete on an existing or light roof is strongly not recommended! 


The services of the Prefecture and the Collectivity have been informed that since IRMA many individuals installed concrete slabs on their roofs to protect themselves from the cyclonic risk.

This practice, which consists of pouring sloping concrete slabs on the roof without secure attachment and without verifying that this load can be supported by the structure or alternatively replacing the frame with a flat concrete roof, constitutes a real danger because it can cause the building to collapse.

In Saint-Martin, this danger is all the more strong as the island is also exposed to a strong seismic hazard and can therefore be subject to major tremors weakening the structure of the dwellings.

The Prefecture and the Collectivity therefore strongly advise individuals and companies not to pour concrete on an existing and / or light roof or to make a flat concrete roof without the prior advice of a specialist.

To carry out such work, you should:

- first call on a specialist (expert from a design office, qualified architect) who will tell you if your home is strong enough to support concrete slabs in complete safety

- ask the contractor carrying out the work to present an up-to-date insurance certificate covering this type of work.

For more information, please contact the Department of Regional Planning and Town Planning: 05 90 52 27 30


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