Travel to the USA: Please present your Facebook account!


To obtain the Travel Authorization for the United States (ESTA), essential for traveling to America, it will now be necessary to show the authorities your accounts on social networks.

Will Mark Zuckerberg's network replace our good old passport? Since Tuesday, December 20, an astonishing paragraph appears on the famous ESTA form, this document that the French and nationals of 37 other countries exempt from visas (for a period of less than 90 days) must complete before entering American territory.

Entitled "Social Media", it invites tourists to indicate their identifier on the social network of their choice. In a drop-down menu, you can choose from 13 sites including of course Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ Instagram, etc.

Questioned by the American site Politico, the American customs indicated wanting to "identify the potential threats". For the moment, the mention “Optional” appears at the top of this paragraph. This did not prevent the promoters of liberties and privacy in the United States from rebelling against this measure. The ACLU association was particularly worried that the "Arab and Muslim communities" would be particularly watched. _AF

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