Christmas visit by Le Graët, president of the FFF: "Football is a good school of life"


The President of the Collectivity, Daniel Gibbs, received, last Friday, the visit of the President of the FFF (French Football Federation) Mr. Noël Le Graët, who came at the head of a national delegation to which the President of the Guadeloupe Football League, Jean Dartron.

On this occasion, the President of the community recalled the very strong relationship that maintains the population and the youth of Saint-Martin with sport in general, and football in particular which is the discipline with the most members on the territory.

Today, as the President recalled, "a large part of the sports infrastructure is destroyed and many months will be required to return to operation when some had been very recently renovated".

President Le Graët said that he was amazed at the speed and quality of the work carried out, in particular for clearing and putting back into service the Saint-Martin road network. He also said he was very enthusiastic about the positivism "and the smile" of the people met on the island. "You have a future, Mr. President" he concluded before announcing that a substantial envelope has been earmarked by the FFF, in order to contribute among other things to the rehabilitation of the infrastructures. A gesture welcomed by President Gibbs.

For Noël Le Graët, the main objective is "to allow young people to replay football as quickly as possible and in the best possible conditions"; in this regard, the FFF will receive complaints from associations and the Collectivity on a case-by-case basis. He also indicated that the federation will be 100% concentrated on the renewal of the practice of football in Saint-Martin and will exclude "all expenses intended for travel or notoriety operations".

He finally indicated that an effort, in various forms, will be dedicated to the training of educators where necessary.

For his part, the President of the Guadeloupe Football League announced that the revenue from two days of the championship will be allocated to a donation fund to help clubs and infrastructure in Saint-Martin.

Moved by the symbolism of Mr. Le Graët's presence and his announcements for Saint-Martin football, President Gibbs assured him that he will take "particular care to ensure that national generosity is judiciously used" .

A € 500 check for the renewal of football in the Northern Islands!

Present alongside President Noël Le Graët, Pierre Samsonoff, Deputy Director General of the FFF, confirmed the information to us: an aid fund created by all French football has raised € 500 to contribute to renewal round ball in the Northern Islands.

Funding for the “FondaCtion” comes from football bodies, including the French Football Federation (FFF), the Professional Football League (LFP) and private sponsors who are benefactors. The main mission of the “FondaCtion” du Football is to develop innovative actions aiming to promote a civic vision of Football, to recall its educational virtues and to encourage social innovation and the integration of sustainable development in football. "I will remain attentive to your situation. Believe me, we will not let you go, "said the" boss "of French football. _AF

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