Domestic violence: "I gave him two punches, but not strong"


The couple, who have four children, have been separated for a few days but the tension remains high. On January 7 in the afternoon, GC returned to his ex-partner, MA, to give her 300 euros to feed the children. In the courtyard, he is angry and breaks the door of the house to enter. An argument breaks out between them. He grabs a tin can from the table - “I just came back from shopping,” she says - and hits it in the arm. He also gives him two punches. MA then calls the gendarmes to "send him away".

He was taken into custody and then appeared before the Saint-Martin local court on September 10. GC and MA are present at the hearing and agree on the facts.

“I punched her twice, but not hard because I don't want to hurt her… But she laughed at me… She made me worse! It is dangerous, ”he explained to the court. He suspects his ex is seeing another man and doesn't accept it. He admits to being jealous. “I've always done everything for her, but the most important thing was her friends…” he continues.

In turn, MA confides being also jealous and having also "given caps" to his ex-companion. “But it was to defend me when he was hitting me,” she says. At this point, the court draws their attention to the fact that violence seems to be part of everyday life and that it is a bad example to set for children.

Since the facts, the couple is still separated.

GC was sentenced to follow a parenting course related to violence in the home. MA did not become a civil party. (

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