LOCAL LIFE: A larger than life Kô Lanta


On the morning of Saturday April 15, Friar's Bay beach was transformed into a veritable (televised) playground during the entertainment offered by Karen Le Rest, trainee from the Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse training, from the Popular Education and Sport, Aquatic Activities and Swimming.

During this event, which was not lacking in good humor and competition, four teams of eight people competed in fun challenges of apnea, blind racing, relays tied in pairs at the wrists or ankles. , a time's up showcasing Saint-Martin and swimming activities, a creativity challenge combined with a human pyramid test, not forgetting the legendary balance test reinvented on a paddle. In a pure spirit reminiscent of the famous game show, Karen's Kô Lanta was associated with the concept of team building: no member was eliminated over the course of the events in order to strengthen mutual aid and cohesion within each team. At the end of each of the six events, the winning team won the victory totem (100% recycled, made from salvaged objects) and comforts (tent, water pack, fruit skewers, cakes, bush tea and timpani) while accumulating points to lead his team to the top of the podium. It was the "Les Yasalasinko" team that won the victory of this crazy edition of Kô Lanta revisited. If the competition raged, the surpassing of oneself and the involvement of each will remain engraved in the memories. Karen Le Rest thanks the Choisy clinic which registered three teams from its structure, the fourth was made up of volunteers. Thanks to the unfailing support of the Tous à l'Ô association, to which the participants paid tribute during the creativity test by reproducing the logo on the sand, Saint-Martin's Kô Lanta had other benefactors without whom the animation would not have been possible: the Friar's Bay nautical club, Dauphin Telecom, Ô Top Légumes, RD Distribution, the web designer Arsène Ring, as well as all those who allowed participants to benefit from rewards in local colors, namely Select Wine, Wind Adventures, ChokoKanel, Pelikaan, Moringa, les Mets Tissées, Rancho Del Sol and Palm Court. Karen Le Rest also thanks all the volunteers who actively participated in the smooth running of her singular event: Léa, Hugo, Célya, Kevin, Charlotte and Frédérique. Kô Lanta is added to the list of successes in terms of activities offered by the trainees of the training set up by the Collectivity and the CREPS Antilles Guyane. _VX

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