URBAN PLANNING / PPRN early withdrawal: what are the consequences?


The prefectural decree published on August 6, 2019 and applying in advance the natural risk prevention plan (PPRN) was canceled by the administrative court seized by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.

The main consequence of this decision is the return to the PPRN of 2011, the bylaw and zoning revised in their hurricane section are no longer valid. However, the hazard map produced by Cerema, which indicates the water levels recorded after Irma, remains valid. In other words, it remains attached to the PPRN of 2011 and must serve as a reference for the town planning services to examine the building permit files. We therefore come back to the situation between the passage of Irma and the application of the PPRN by anticipation: requests for construction or reconstruction in a submerged area, i.e. in a dark blue or purple area on the hazard map must be made. the subject of a stay of proceedings or a refusal by the COM services in accordance with the deliberation taken by the territorial council in 2018.

In addition, in the areas which were in orange in the revised PPRN zoning because they were considered to be areas of economic interest, it was possible to build in the hollow teeth even if they were in purple on the hazard map. With the cancellation of the prefectural decree, this measure is suspended. While awaiting the new PPRN, it is therefore forbidden to build there again because they are in purple or dark blue areas on the hazard map (Marigot or Quartier d'Orléans for example).

The prefect said that the state would appeal the decision of the administrative court.

The services of the Saint-Martin Deal have finished examining the observations left by the population during the public inquiry, they must now tackle those of the Lacroix mission.



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