Union of Parents of Pupils of Saint-Martin: The Prefecture does not authorize a demonstration in the city 


The Prefecture was informed yesterday of a request to organize a demonstration on the public highway, scheduled for February 14. However, this type of gathering is subject to an obligation of prior declaration at least three clear days before the date of the event, so that the organizers can decide on a route as suitable as possible, in agreement with the prefectural authority and the Collectivity. The timetable (7 a.m.) and the route planned for the procession (Agrément roundabout, rue Saint James, rue de la République, rue de l'Église towards the prefecture) raised fears of important genes in terms of road traffic, and for the safety of the demonstrators. This was again demonstrated last week during the work in Colombier: the road network is very vulnerable, and the slightest event is likely to cause almost instantaneous total paralysis of the island. Under these conditions, the appropriate means of rescuing people and in terms of road safety can no longer be combined. Obstructions to traffic are also likely to cause disturbances to order and public tranquility. Consequently, the Prefect decided not to authorize this demonstration. _AF

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