A new meeting is scheduled this morning between the collective, the prefecture and the COM


Following the departure of the collective from the working meeting with the prefect, the president of the COM on Monday morning and the dissatisfaction of the collective, the prefect took the initiative to contact the members of the collective later in the morning to invite them again to dialogue in the prefecture. Set at 14 p.m., the invitation was accepted.

"Thank you for having accepted this outstretched hand," said the prefect who said he understood that there had been "emotion" earlier. “I'll leave my hand to you,” he told them to work out a roadmap together. Lenny Mussington first reminded the prefect that at 9 am “the conditions for negotiation were not met”.

"We have received testimonies of harassment, testimonies of intimidation from truckers," he said. "We understood that the deal had changed," he continued, stressing that on Friday they had nevertheless discussed "quietly". For the members of the collective, Monday morning, "they were no longer in a construction process but in a process of repression in order to be able to sanction".

Cédrik André added: "This morning you said that the population had been put in danger on Friday… Your tone was different from the one you had on Friday."

And to insist: “we feel that the deal, the energy is different today, it's as if we were trapped. Confidence is broken. Now we have both eyes open, on you and the prefecture in relation to the diabolical method ”. He also confided that people "wanted concrete answers to the problems of Saint-Martinois".

After hearing the members of the collective, Serge Gouteyron recalled that "the hand he had extended and that [the collective] has taken, [he] squeezes it so [they] can work together". He therefore proposed a new working meeting to discuss State policies in the areas that the collective wishes to address as well as a meeting with the president of the COM. The members of the collective accepted and asked that the elected representatives accompany the president of the COM. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the prefecture.

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