Hijacker on trial immediately


SG, 19, was summoned this Wednesday, October 31 at 11 a.m. before the Saint-Martin Criminal Court as part of the immediate appearance procedure. He has been in police custody since October 27 after having participated in a motorcycle robbery in a meeting and with violence (not having trained an ITT) and a chase with the gendarmes.

SG and his accomplices, who have not yet been identified, at around 4 am on October 27, chased and then barred the Savannah road in both directions to a motorcycle driver and his passenger. They drop them, then the driver rebuffs and a fight breaks out between the victim and his attackers. But the authors manage to take the motorcycle. The passenger fled to the fire station to seek help. The gendarmes are warned and arrive on the scene. The authors flee on their two-wheelers. One of them, SG, who is carrying a passenger without a helmet, is chased by the gendarmes while he takes the direction of Grand Case on a 125 for which he does not have a license. He refused to stop despite the repeated gestures of the gendarmes whose vehicle he struck several times. During this chase, SG made several U-turns to try to sow the soldiers. Then as it takes a turn, it falls and drops its passenger. Arrested and handcuffed, he tries to flee again without succeeding. It also provides an imaginary identity for the gendarmes.

"These are serious acts of road hackers" considers the deputy prosecutor. SG is also being prosecuted for previous acts of concealment of a scooter and other parts resulting from thefts committed during the year 2018. He is also in a state of recidivism because he was convicted in March 2018 by the juvenile court of Basse Terre for similar facts.

The lawyer for SG, designated as an emergency the previous day, is at Basse Terre and attends the hearing by videoconference. She requests a dismissal to have time to prepare her defense and suggests that SG can be tried in Saint-Martin and not in Guadeloupe so that her family and the victims can attend the trial.

The public prosecutor does not oppose this request for referral but requests that the accused be kept in detention until the next hearing. SG is of Dutch nationality and lives with his father in Sint Maarten. According to the Deputy Prosecutor, there is therefore a risk of non-appearance and reiteration of the facts.

After having deliberated on it, the court returns the case to 16 November next at 11 am in Saint-Martin and orders the detention on remand.

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