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As announced in our Wednesday edition, an extraordinary meeting was held in the premises of the EEASM (Establishment of Water and Sanitation of Saint-Martin) in Hope Estate following the spontaneous demonstration of many residents of the Parc de Orient Bay dissatisfied with the water cuts programmed by SAUR (Générale des Eaux et distributor).

As a reminder, several cuts of 36 hours in a row were initially planned ... even if a day error had slipped into the calendar posted online last week, the second cut of 36 hours was to take place on Thursday at 20 p.m. until Saturday 8 a.m. and not Wednesday 20 p.m. until Friday 8 a.m. with another 24-hour cut-off immediately until Saturday 8 a.m. It is now a whole different organization that is shaping up in the coming weeks.

In respect of active health measures, the number of people present around the negotiating table was limited, among others were present, Yawo Nyuiadzi, 2nd Vice-President of the Collectivity, the president of the syndic of the BO, the representatives of the SAUR and EEASM, and inhabitants of BO.

After a long meeting and a cordial debate, all parties agreed on a new schedule for water cuts until the leaks on the network were completely repaired. Validated by the prefecture, this schedule will be as follows: the water cuts in Orient Bay will take place every night from 21:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., as well as every Tuesday at 10 a.m. for a period of 24 consecutive hours. Being aware that night-time cuts may be insufficient due to the fact that consumption is lower during the night, SAUR professionals reserve the right to possible adjustments if they are deemed necessary. The daily night cuts will be the responsibility of the ASL, a qualified plumber will perform the cuts and reopenings on time. Even if this remains to be confirmed depending on the progress of the work, the date for the end of repairs to the leaks has been set for July 31. _VX

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  1. Moi May 27, 2021 at 11:12 pm Reply

    Contact local services - Saur, EDF and internet and have them create email notifications at least 14 hours in advance for outages - for people who want to receive email notifications (almost everyone!). They all refused to send advance notifications. Failure to provide 14 hours notice is obviously unacceptable! This week's cutoff schedule was not found in the print version of faxinfo. Today the site of saint-martin saur shows no work (cut).

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