PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The Quartier d'Orléans bus station will be operational by the end of 2023


During the presentation of the new urban transport pricing, the territorial councilor Arnel Daniel announced the establishment of a new bus station in Quartier d'Orléans, which will be the terminus of line 1.

The bus station should be operational by the end of November, beginning of December 2023 and will be located at the foot of the Palmeraies residence in Quartier d'Orléans. Line 1 serves the neighborhoods heading north, from the Marigot bus station to Oyster Pond. Are only concerned, the vehicles meeting the definition of Public Transport of people and Interurban Collective Transport. After the accumulation of three associations, the carriers have come together in a single entity for around forty buses in total, covering the main lines of Saint-Martin on the French side. Line 1 covers 27 stops with fares ranging from €1 to €5 (from Marigot bus station to Oyster Pond) from 5am to 21pm. 50 cents will be added to each race for the night rate, Sundays and public holidays. A reduced rate is applicable for children under 12, middle and high school students with badges or uniforms. Negotiations are underway with the Pôle Social in order to offer a preferential rate to the elderly. Public transport TCI Buses can accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers, unlike the TCP Bus with more than 8 passengers. With the upcoming establishment of a bus station in Quartier d'Orléans, an interior line of the district could be added to the reflection of a more elaborate public transport system. _VX


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