TOURISM: The Saint-Martin Tourist Office to conquer the Scandinavian market


Last February, the Tourist Office organized a first promotional tour in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, in order to develop this still emerging market for our destination.

In order to position Saint-Martin with this specific clientele, representatives of the Tourist Office conducted a roadshow in the Nordic European countries, from February 19 to March 2. A first in this region for the Tourist Office, which has come to convince a demanding target group likely to be seduced by the Saint-Martin offer. The latest trends in this market reveal that for a third of travellers, gastronomic pleasures influence their choice. These customers, very active and turned towards ecotourism, are also in search of new cultures, authenticity, excursions and sports activities. The Saint-Martin delegation was made up of Aïda Weinum, director of the Tourist Office, Bernadette Venthou-Dumaine, territorial councilor and member of the management committee, Roxane Fleury, communication officer and Fabian Charbonnier, market promotion officer. European. The promotional actions were organized in collaboration with United Spirit Nordic, the representative agency of the Tourist Office in these countries.


Create links with professionals and the media

First step of the Scandinavian trip to Stockholm, in the French restaurant “Le Bon Plat” where Saint-Martin chef Louis de Caunes works. The Tourist Office had invited around twenty Swedish agents and journalists, in the presence of the Air France – KLM partner represented by Christine Asa in Stockholm. After a presentation of the destination and a question-and-answer session showing strong interest, the meeting continued with a tasting of local specialties cooked by Louis de Caunes.

The promotional tour continued on February 24 in Herning, a city in central Denmark where one of the major tourist fairs in the Nordic countries, Ferie for Alle, was held, open to professionals and the general public.

Saint-Martin ensured its presence on the stand of the tour operator USA Rejser. Meetings took place throughout the day with travel agencies, but also with Air France – KLM partners and the French tourism development agency, Atout France, represented by Benoît Chollet. In the afternoon, the destination was presented to the media during a specific event.

Third stage of the Nordic roadshow in Oslo, on February 28, for an operation to seduce around twenty Norwegian professionals and media. The Tourist Office had chosen the warm and atypical setting of the Amerikalinjen boutique hotel to present the advantages of the destination, in the presence of the company Air France – KLM which communicated on the air links between Northern Europe and Saint-Martin. . All these meetings have made it possible to forge decisive links with the tourist partners of the three Scandinavian countries, by offering them a global legibility of the Saint-Martin destination.

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