THEATER: "Sodom my sweet", a cry of rage in 7 voices


Another success on the stage at the Théâtre de la Chapelle. The first two performances of “Sodom ma sweet”, a new play on the bill at the famous Orient Bay theater, were held in front of a full house.

Being a spectator of this piece is both an emotional and a sensory experience. Seven women occupy the stage of the theater as if they had always lived there. They take us in turn in their memories, in their present, in their fall. The lines follow one another with absolute naturalness, the intonations are of an implacable accuracy and the story is overwhelming. The seven women of the 2018 Starmania Troop are embodiments of strength, rebellion, courage, and self-sacrifice. The performances are both unique and inseparable from each other. The actresses do not interpret the characters, they embody them and impose them on us in good faith. Bérangère Mathot, Delphine Derrien, Farah Viotty, Florence Gay, Mélody Tavernier, Peggy Renaud and Soline Duffieux sing, they dance, they shout their rage even in the silence. If the artistic genius of Audrey Duputié was no longer to be proven, his staging of “Sodom my sweet” coupled with the choreography of Peggy Oulerich excels. The sad fate and the tragic end of Sodom is a rediscovery that should not be missed under any circumstances.

The performances of March 12 and 13 are already sold out. A few places are still available for March 19 and 20 at 19:30 p.m. Two additional dates were added: March 26 and 27, at the same time.

  Info: 06 90 55 87 44 - - La Chapelle Theater, Place du Village d'Orient Bay   

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