Solidarity Saint-Vincent / ACS ZEPIN: a fine example of collective mobilization!


Members and supporters of the Cultural and Sports Association of the Priority Education Zone of the Northern Islands (ACS ZEPIN) mobilized on April 22 and 23 to collect essential products for the victims of Saint -Vincent.

Food, clothing, hygiene products and basic necessities, no less than 2,5 m3 of products were loaded, to be transported by sea to Kingstown.

"It is not without emotions that the gestures, during the sorting and the boxing, plunged members and volunteers of this association back into the humanitarian aid that they had already brought to the population of Saint-Martin. , as soon as Hurricane Irma hits the island, ”underlines Xavier Mirre-Minori.

The President of ACS ZEPIN takes the opportunity to send his warm thanks to the donors, to all the people who have contributed to the collection, sorting, packaging, as well as to the logistics, with Laurence and her team, for the transport. .

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