WELLNESS: Energy yoga retreat


This Sunday May 2 at Plénitude, Nadia from Next Monkey Yoga invites you to highlight your energy system through her famous monthly yoga retreat. To your carpets for a full day marked by the sign of well-being.

After a last minute cancellation last month for health reasons, Nadia is back in force to welcome you for a day dedicated to your serenity. Take time for yourself, take the time to take care of yourself. This Sunday May 2 from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m. will therefore begin a new cycle that will allow you to know everything about the famous chakras that everyone is talking about, and to discover your own energy, to feel it, to assimilate it, to understand it too. Flexibility is also in the program, everything is flexible: 3 hours of practice in the morning with postures that will bring you to familiarize yourself with the energy that will be at the center of this cycle. For the lunch break, you can choose to bring your lunch or opt for a vegetable meal designed in connection with the theme of the day, to be ordered in advance when you register for the course. Regarding the afternoon, Nadia will give pride of place to the theory of yoga itself, its history, its benefits on the physical, psychological and spiritual level. Learning more about the practice of yoga will teach you more about yourself. Not to mention the wise advice to use the right oils (essential or others) and plants which are often used in parallel. Future sessions of the cycle on the energy system will be done via zoom. Prices: morning = 30 €, lunch = 12 €, afternoon = 15 €, all day & meal included = 50 €_VX

Info: 06 90 88 57 45 - contact@thenextmonkey.com Facebook: Next Monkey Yoga

http://thenextmonkey.com – La Plénitude : Friar’s Bay, 2 Impasse Max Allen


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