SOCIETY: A look back at the Entrepreneur's Breakfast


The third edition of this event, which was held over a morning at the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry, met the expectations of the participants.

The Entrepreneur's Breakfast is an event organized by FipCom / MEDEF which offers a space for sharing, listening, exchange and meetings between professionals from all sectors and officials from the Collectivity and the Prefecture. Health situation requires, the usual precautions were required with presentation of the health pass at the entrance and wearing a mask when serving breakfast at the buffet. The service was provided by the students of the school, noticed and congratulated by the whole assembly, including the principal of the establishment, Ms. Jeanine Hamlet. Many companies were represented, from small businesses to large groups. Although FipCom is an employers' union, the entire organizing team, including the president in the person of Michel Vogel, wanted there to be no preferential treatment in terms of access to the Breakfast at the Contractor. All advocate a collective spirit: working together for the economic well-being and the future of Saint Martin. Despite the unexpected departure of Prefect Serge Gouteyron for family reasons during the morning, the officials took turns to answer the questions, fears and misunderstandings of the business leaders. Among them, we can cite Daniel Gibbs, president of the Collectivity of Saint Martin, Angèle Dormoy, CCISM president, Philippe Mouchard, director of the COM cabinet, Hélène Debruge from the Prefecture or even Mr. Yawo Nyuiadzi, president and CEO of SEMSAMAR and 2nd vice- president of the Collectivity. The main topics discussed revolved around the health crisis, the global container crisis, the usefulness of a digital business with the setting up of workshops in December, the benefits of grouping orders for small businesses in order to facilitate deliveries, bank rates to be adapted or the need for more requests for assistance from the government. The morning of discussions was masterfully moderated by Sandrine Jabouley Delahaye, moderator of the event.  _Vx




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