Signing of the 2023-2025 Local Health Contract


On July 20, the Territorial Council authorized the signing of the Local Health Contract 2023-2025 (CLS) concluded between the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, the General Social Security Fund of Guadeloupe and of Saint-Martin and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.

By strengthening the coordination of the various local stakeholders, the CLS intends to develop the effectiveness of the actions defined by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the local health projects carried out by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin by pooling resources and improving consultation on the subjects of health promotion, prevention, care policies and medico-social support. The Caisse Générale de Sécurité Sociale (CGSS) of Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin has been involved in the process with regard to its missions: it is also a signatory of the CLS, which mobilizes players in the health and medico-social field as well as all sectors having an impact on health and is based on participatory approaches. All aspects of health are taken into account; and this, since the 3DS law of February 21, 2022, which adds the obligation to insert an axis relating to mental health. The Local Health Contract, valid for a period of 3 years, was established around the territorial health diagnosis drawn up by the actors of the territory. At the end of the diagnosis, four lines of work were selected for the CLS, namely the reduction of social and territorial inequalities in health, the strengthening of prevention and the promotion of health, the improvement of the attractiveness of the territory as well as than that of health knowledge of the territory. The Local Health Contract of Saint-Martin has two bodies ensuring its governance: a steering committee made up of 12 members (compared to 4 for Saint-Barthélemy) is called upon to meet twice a year and will take political decisions concerning the constant adjustment of said contract as well as a monitoring committee of 4 members which will meet once a quarter in order to monitor the operational implementation of the actions and the evaluation of the results. By decision of the territorial council, the Local Health Contract 2023-2025 has now been approved, serving the Saint-Martin population. _VX

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