Security / Intensification of road checks on both parts of the island


On Thursday July 26, 2018, the Sint Maarten police and the French gendarmes carried out joint road checks in various places on the island. "These controls are maintained to maintain and strengthen the collaboration and working cooperation already well established between the various law enforcement agencies" informs the police of the Dutch side in a statement.

The operation, which began Thursday at 16 p.m. and ended at 00 p.m., allowed a total of 20 vehicles to be checked. Ten fines were issued, the shade was removed from four vehicles and three vehicles were towed.

In addition, the tax administration of the Dutch side informs the population that controls on the payment of 2018 taxes on motor vehicles will begin on Monday, August 6, in cooperation with the police service. “Before this date, all vehicles must bear the 2018 plates and must be visible to the police. Plates covered with tinted plastic that are not legible are not allowed. The driver risks a fine of 300 Naf, as well as the confiscation of their vehicle ”it was indicated in a press release from the government of Sint Maarten.

For its part, in a press release, the prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin reminds road users of the importance of taking the precautionary instructions to drive safely and warns that the gendarmerie forces will intensify controls on public roads.

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