CYCLONIC SEASON: Saint-Martin acquires three new facilities to better prepare


During the traditional information meeting on the preparation for the 2023 hurricane season which began on 1er last June, institutional and field partners met at the Grand-Case Beach Club last Friday with a presentation of the new systems and a reminder of the fundamentals.

In the presence of Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, and Bernadette Davis, 2nd vice-president of the Collectivity, the meeting took place in three stages: the intervention of Thierry Jimonet of Météo France Guadeloupe, the presentation of Boris Glinkowski of the Interministerial Defense and Civil Protection Service (SIDPC) at the prefecture and that of Christophe Lieb, director of major risks at the Collectivity for whom this was the last event on the territory, he now hands over the management of major risks to Mélodie Illidge-Jenkins, who will be accompanied by Michella Gumbs. If the fundamentals concerning a good preparation for the hurricane season will be detailed in our next editions, Saint-Martin now benefits in an unprecedented way from three additional equipment in order to counter meteorological uncertainties in a context of environmental transition where hurricane phenomena are more unpredictable and more intense. In a spirit of prudence and precaution, the institutional partners have acquired a wave recorder (device which calculates the amplitude of the waves) installed in Tintamarre, a tide gauge and a weather radar positioned in the Dutch part thanks to Interreg funding which will improve significantly the quality of weather forecasts. According to experts, the primary destructive element of a hurricane is water, not wind. Everything is therefore implemented to best face the 2023 hurricane season, "we cannot be ready for a hurricane but we can prepare for it" as Christophe Lieb pointed out to whom we wish good luck. _VX

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