Communiqué for the attention of ship owners or custodians: Reminder of the rules in force in the event of a hurricane


Upon the announcement of ORANGE vigilance by the competent authorities, it will be for the owners or guardians of ships, who do not have the possibility of securing ships or other property located on the public maritime domain, to leave the area to these ships or other property.

When vigilance is announced ORANGE, the lifting of the Sandy Ground Bridge will continue to be ensured subject to weather conditions and Police orders.

The bridge will remain closed as soon as vigilance is announced RED. Regardless of any alert or vigilance, once the winds have reached 25 knots (46 km / h), the bridge will remain closed. In all cases in the event of an alert being triggered, the vessels must maintain permanent listening to VHF channel 16 as well as weather information.

When vigilance is announced VIOLET, thus announcing strict confinement, all movement will be strictly prohibited.

The referent territorial decree is displayed at the community hotel, in marinas, at the Maritime Station and at the Port of Galisbay

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