Cyclone season: 9 safe shelters for 1700 people in the event of a cyclone


The hurricane season is here and now is the time to prepare!

If the current state of your home after Irma does not allow you to feel safe there in the event of a hurricane and you do not have the possibility of staying with a third party during the confinement phase, the Community will advise you. invites you to go to the nearest safe shelter to you.

The list of 9 safe cyclone shelters

• Émile Choisy School - Concordia - 200 people

• Évelina Halley - Marigot - 200 people

• Marie-Amélie Leydet School - Concordia - 50 people

• Clair Saint-Maximian School - Orléans district - 260 people

• Hervé Williams Concordia School - 160 people

• Marie-Antoinette Richards School - Rambaud - 90 people

• School complex - La Savane - 340 people

• Former police station (route de Concordia) - 200 people

• ASMT - Anse Marcel - 200 people

Guidelines for using safe shelters

The shelters have water and subsistence food (biscuits, bananas, etc.), as well as folding camp beds, but not in sufficient quantity for their capacity of 1700 people. Everyone remains responsible for their own comfort during their stay in the shelter.

It is therefore essential to arrive in the shelter with ready-to-eat provisions: water, bricks of fruit juice, bricks or tubes of milk, bread, rusks, biscuits, energy bars, chocolate bars, compotes, sachets of peanuts ...

For small children, provide bottles, milk, small pots, as well as diapers and toiletries, a plastic bowl and, if necessary, medical treatment in progress.

It is necessary to prepare a bag with your personal effects: cutlery, toiletries, wipes, towels, sheets or blanket, pillow, first aid kit (bandages, disinfectant, compresses, regularly used medicines ...), a flashlight and a battery-powered transistor. Personal folding or inflatable beds are allowed and even encouraged. Bringing earplugs is a good idea.

Do not forget identity documents, important papers, medicines and prescriptions in the event of ongoing medical treatment, as well as a health and / or vaccination record.

People undergoing heavy medical treatment or having major health problems should contact their doctor or hospital in time, who will decide what to do.

Before leaving home, it is important to notify neighbors and relatives of where you are going. Also, do not forget to secure your home by turning off the water and electricity and bringing all moving objects inside, which could turn into projectiles.

Rules of life to respect ...

In a safe shelter, the rules of social life are essential: good citizenship, hygiene, conviviality, respect for others.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.

The use of fire, weapons or sharp objects is to be prohibited.

Containment is mandatory and applies to everyone.

The managers designated by the Community are the only interlocutors at the command post.

The presence of territorial police officers will be considered for good order and security.

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