Saint-Barthélemy: Several establishments of physical and sports activities controlled by the State services


At the beginning of the month, several state services traveled to Saint-Barthélemy to carry out joint checks with the community of Saint-Barthélemy on various establishments offering physical and sporting and tourist activities (APS) to the public.

The direction of the sea, the nautical brigade, the gendarmerie of Saint-Barthélemy and the DRAJES (regional academic delegation to the youth, the engagement and the sport) mobilized to control a dozen commercial structures, most of them. between them falling within the nautical world. The aim of these operations was to bring sports and tourist establishments into compliance and to put an end to dangerous behavior that endangers the lives of users. Several shortcomings were noted, ranging from a simple reminder to the regulations to the formal notice requesting a restoration of the situation within a constrained deadline.

The managers of these establishments of physical and sporting and tourist activities are reminded that they have an obligation to display in a place visible to customers:

- A copy of the qualifications and professional cards of the educators,

- A copy of the insurance certificate taken out covering his liability, those of the persons teaching the activities as well as the persons admitted to the establishment.

They are subject to several other obligations relating to the Sports Code and the Maritime Code, in particular the obligation to have an emergency organization table, to keep the register of personal protective equipment, a pharmacy and a first aid kit. Other state inter-service checks are planned in the coming months on Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

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