Saint-Barthélemy: The curfew advanced to 20:00 p.m.


In view of the hospital situation in Saint-Barthélemy, the curfew hours have been modeled on those of Saint-Martin. In Sint Maarten, the Minister of Health recalls the measures in force in the territory and informs of the penalties incurred for businesses that defy the prohibitions.

Given the severe deterioration of the hospital situation in Saint-Barthélemy, where the Bruyn hospital now accommodates 6 covid patients, Prefect Serge Gouteyron has decided to advance the curfew from this Monday, August 16. 2021, from 20:00 p.m. to 03:00 a.m. in Saint-Barthélemy. In addition, it is recalled that all restaurant establishments must be closed at 20 p.m. in Saint-Barthélemy, as in Saint-Martin. Delivery is also strictly prohibited during curfew. Controls will be carried out by the National Gendarmerie on the territories of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin to ensure strict compliance with these measures.

In Sint Marteen, violation of the curfew is punishable by detention

The number of positive coronavirus cases has increased sharply in recent days in the Dutch part and now stands at 308. 18 patients are currently hospitalized at Sint Maarten Medical Center and 290 people are in isolation at home. Faced with the deterioration of health, the Minister of Public Health insisted on recalling the instructions in force. "We would prefer not to go towards a full lockdown, but we cannot continue to have people behaving recklessly as the number of active cases continues to rise," he said before clarifying that the businesses refusing to respect the hours of the curfew introduced from 23 p.m. to 6 a.m. were liable to a fine of 5000 guilders (approximately 2367 euros-NDLR) or a detention sentence that could be increased to 4 month.


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