Saint-Barthélemy: he burglars a villa to pay his debts


A plumber from Saint-Barthélemy was summoned Thursday April 18 before the Saint-Martin criminal court for two separate cases. One for burglary, the other for attempted theft.

GM 32, from Seine-Saint-Denis, entered the villa of his neighbors, absent from the island, at the end of August 2017. It was only after Irma that their daughter was able to return to the scene and file a complaint after finding that there were several things missing in the house.

If part of the business was thrown out by the cyclone, old and luxurious jewelry, kept in a safe in the basement, has been stolen. The victims who constitute a civil party, estimate at more than 400 euros the value of the booty.

The safe was pierced from below and DNA samples were used to identify the thief. Faced with the evidence, the incriminating GM admitted the facts. Installed on his own account, he explains that he is over-indebted in the context of his work, and also had a drug debt of 2500 euros at the time. "I wanted to free myself from this weight, I had no choice," he says at the helm. "He is able to steal to pay his debts. He has no criminal record and he is not at risk of prison today, but one must not believe that he will forever escape legal proceedings, ”comments the deputy prosecutor. After deliberation, the court found GM guilty, sentenced him to six months suspended prison sentence and ordered a civil interest dismissal until June 25.

GM does not have time to sit down before it appears following for an attempted robbery committed on November 4, 2018, more than a year after the facts previously examined. That evening, it is almost midnight when he sneaks inside a villa passing through Shell Beach. As he moves around the house, he comes face to face with an employee who starts screaming and scares him away. If it is not possible to identify him on the images captured from the villa's video surveillance system, his vehicle, more precisely that of his partner, is spotted by a camera in front of the beach.

Although he has denied participation so far, he acknowledges the facts at the bar. "I came back to try to rob," he admits. After deliberation, the court decides to follow the requisitions and sentences GM to two months in prison suspended. 

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