FEMALE RUGBY: Four players from the Archigirls selected in the Guadeloupe selection!


This weekend will take place in Guadeloupe, the traditional Antilles-Guyana (TAG) rugby tournament organized by the Guadeloupe Committee. 

This tournament brings together the best players from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. It is the first time that players from Saint-Martin will evolve with the selection of Guadeloupe. Proof of the clear progress of the local team. The Archigirls will be keen to carry the colors of the "Friendly Island" loud and clear.

The four selected are Julia Gaudemer, Laurie Jazarguer, the captain of the Archigirls, Valérie Gabens and Liseth Echavarria Torres.

We wish them good luck for these rugby games this Easter weekend. _AF


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