RUGBY / Guadeloupe Championship: the irresistible Archiballs against BRUC!


Already winners during the derby of the Northern Islands against the Barracudas of Saint-Barth (25-22) on the occasion of the 1st day of the championship of Guadeloupe, the Archiball confirmed their current good dispositions by winning last Saturday on the field of BRUC (20-5).

In difficult conditions and on a field at the limit of the practicable, the XV of the Archiballs delivered a serious and applied meeting against an opponent dominated in all compartments of the game. "We had to be disciplined and occupy the ground at the foot", stresses the trainer, Jean-Luc Blancafort. “The hand game was made difficult with a slippery ball. Our conquest was efficient as well as our defense taking only one try during the meeting. 

The BRUC was playing at home and was keen to beat us, but we were prepared for the fight! The assistants and I are proud of the performance of our players. It's been a long time since we won on BRUC's pitch”.

The Archiball club is already planning against its future opponent at home: the Guadeloupeans of Good-Luck  who just beat the Barracudas. Another big match to prepare and negotiate well!

See you on Saturday January 28 at 15 p.m. at the Bellevue stadium. The Archiballs will need the support of all their supporters to achieve the pass of three! _AF

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