Feedback on the event: Initiative Saint Martin Active blew out its 20 candles!


120 guests took part last Friday, at Kakao, Orient Bay at 20rd anniversary of Initiative Saint Martin Active. A festive evening during which the awards ceremony for the 1st edition of the Concours des Quartiers. A real success!


"The very essence of our association is to identify and encourage initiatives that create jobs, activities, goods or services in Saint-Martin", explains Sabrina Rivère, director of the platform created in December 2001.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary evening to which the prefect, Serge Gouteyron, the president of the Collectivity, Daniel Gibbs, the senator, Annick Pétrus, the entrepreneurs and the many loyal partners of the association were invited, took place the long-awaited award ceremony for the 1st edition of the Neighborhoods Contest: “Our Neighborhoods have potential”.

Since the launch of the competition, Initiative Saint Martin Active has received 24 applications. 17 of them met the eligibility criteria and 16 participated. 

Let us not forget that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in local economic growth.

The “Concours des Quartiers” aims to promote entrepreneurial or associative projects aimed at enhancing one's neighborhood and fostering the emergence of businesses in the Political Quarters of the City and the Neighborhood in Watch (Sandy Ground and Quartier d ' Orleans, Grand-Case, Cul de Sac, Saint James, Hameau du Pont, Agrément, Concordia), which can also claim support and funding from Initiative Saint Martin Active. 

The mobilization of the Initiative Saint Martin Active team and the constitution of an independent jury were the basis of the selection procedure. This is how the jury met on November 25 to assess and reward the best project to enhance the value of their neighborhood.

Thus, the files of the preselected project leaders were supported by the Initiative Saint Martin Active team for the writing and implementation of the financing plan. They were noted on 10 points by the jury on their production anonymously.

Then, the project leaders supported their idea in front of the selection committee for 10 minutes to present their project and then for 10 minutes on a question-and-answer exchange with the jury.

The jury thus assessed the relevance to the subject of the Competition according to a scoring grid. It also assessed the economic impact of the project based on its quality and the robustness of the economic model and the proposed business plan. Finally, the jury checked the skills of the project leader in order to be consistent with the project.

“For this first edition, we would like to underline the strong commitment of our partners who believe in the development of businesses and associations at the local level. So a big thank you to CEPAC, CCISM and ADECCO for this first edition, which was a major economic moment in 2021. We thank and associate the success of this event to all entrepreneurs and partners ”, emphasizes Sabrina Rivère.

A special "Faxinfo »Of 150 euros was awarded to the 16 participants in order to promote their project and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives in the different districts of the territory.

The Confusion 5 group, Sunlight Event, Le KKO Beach, IOTV, Théo Feger Photographie and all the media made this evening a real success!

The Saint Martin Active Initiative team would like to particularly thank Mr. Jean Paul Fischer, president of the platform who has worked tirelessly for 20 years in our association, accompanied by volunteers who are a real lever for the success of the project leaders of our beautiful territory.

We are ready to support you for the next 20 years ... It is together that we will continue to act for the economy of Saint-Martin! _AF

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