Back to class on June 22: Distancing, wearing a mask, canteen ... What will be the new health rules in schools and colleges from Monday?


The physical distance of at least one meter applies in the closed spaces between the teacher and the students as well as between the students when they are side by side or face to face. Except in kindergarten, where there are no more rules for the same group of students.

He was eagerly awaited by educational staff and parents of students. The new health protocol in schools and colleges was made public, in the evening of Wednesday, June 17, a few days before the return to theoretical class of all students, Monday, June 22. What does he foresee? Here are the highlights.

One meter distance between students in confined spaces… except in kindergarten

Exit the rule of 4 m2 per student inside and outside. At nursery school, there is no longer any rule of distancing for the same group of students, whether in the classrooms, the corridors, the refectory or in the playground. On the other hand, it remains appropriate between pupils from different groups.

In elementary school and in colleges, a rule of one meter distance between the teacher and the students and between the students "when they are side by side or face to face" should apply in confined spaces " when it is materially possible ". "We will try to enforce a meter" between the students but in certain classes, "we will be obliged to have a little less than a meter," said the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

If the configuration of the classrooms absolutely does not allow respecting the physical distance of at least one meter, "then the space is organized so as to maintain the greatest possible distance between pupils and pupils over 11 years old must wear the protective mask in the classroom ”, specifies the health protocol.

This constraint is lifted in outdoor spaces for students of the same class or the same group, including for sports activities. "The organization of the classroom in the open is therefore an encouraged possibility", can be read in the document of the Ministry of National Education.

"All areas of the establishment can be mobilized (permanent contract, computer rooms, etc.), including to offer other activities (studies, 2S2C)", it is specified. The 2S2C are fun and educational activities related to the school program.

Parents of students will be able to enter the school with a mask

Parents of students should continue to monitor their children's temperature and not put them in school or college if they have a fever or develop symptoms suggesting Covid-19.

On the other hand, they will now have the right, like outside workers, to enter school buildings after cleaning or disinfecting their hands and provided they wear a mask.

Hand washing and disinfection of premises remain the rule

Hand washing of children is always recommended on arrival at the establishment, before and after each meal, before and after recess, after using the toilet and in the evening before returning home or upon arrival at home . But it can now be done without measuring physical distance between students in the same class or the same group.

In addition, floors and large surfaces (tables, offices) will be cleaned at least once a day. Just like the surfaces most frequently touched by students and staff, such as door handles. The refectory tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each service.

Children can use school equipment and outdoor games

From now on, children will have access to outdoor games, benches, collective spaces, provided that daily cleaning is ensured or after a period of no use of approximately 12 hours.

They will also be able to manipulate objects shared within the same class or the same group, such as balloons, toys, books and games. Again, daily disinfection is recommended. Otherwise, the objects in question are isolated 24 hours before reuse.

Teachers will not be required to wear a mask during lessons

The wearing of a general public mask remains compulsory for educational staff members when the distance of at least one meter is not possible. However, teachers will be able to remove their masks when they are teaching and are at least one meter from the students.

When the mask is not used, "it can either be suspended from an insulated hook, or folded up without exterior / interior contacts (do not roll it up) and stored in an individual pouch," specifies the ministry.

As for pupils, the wearing of a mask is therefore no longer compulsory in class for middle school students from June 22, except when the distance of at least one meter cannot be respected in class. However, they must wear it when they move around the establishment (in the corridors, the courtyard, etc.).

A distance of at least one meter also recommended to the refectory

In nursery schools, a distance of at least one meter must be respected for school meals between groups of pupils belonging to the same class. In elementary schools and colleges, it is possible to derogate from this rule if it is materially impossible, provided that pupils of the same class have lunch together and that a distance of at least one meter is maintained with the other groups. .

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