RECONSTRUCTION: The State undertakes to finance a third of the COM reconstruction plan 


The fifth interministerial committee for the reconstruction of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth was held yesterday in Paris in the presence in particular of the president of the COM, Daniel Gibbs.

The latter presented the State with an investment plan of nearly 200 million euros for the reconstruction of public infrastructure under its jurisdiction (schools, networks, etc.), a third of which will be financed by the State. In addition, a subsidized loan of 60 million euros may be granted to the Collectivity of Saint-Martin by the State, which has specified that it will bear “the payment of interest” on this long-term loan. It has also been announced to the President of the COM that he will have "an exclusive drawing right on the 46 million from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF)".

Combined with other aid provided by the State, including the emergency aid system, aid to businesses, etc., nearly 493 million euros have been committed on Saint-Martin, or "more than 11 euros per inhabitant ”.

Finally, the State will finance the reconstruction of the prefecture at an estimated cost of 15 million euros.

(Continued in our next edition)

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