What will be the mission of the project manager in charge of reconstruction?


The rector announced it when he came to Saint-Martin, he is looking for “a project director responsible for monitoring the reconstruction of the education system in Saint Martin”. The position is open for three years and will be based in Saint-Martin. 

The director will be responsible for "coordinating and coordinating the various actions carried out within the national education services and ensuring their perfect articulation with the actions carried out by the community services, of which he will be the privileged interlocutor on the subject of the reconstruction of the school building ”. Among other things, it will have to define the levels of equipment and material conditions necessary for the proper functioning of the establishments and ensure their implementation, support the community in its program of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the school building stock. He is wanted "a very experienced civil servant having exercised operational responsibilities in school education" and having a "knowledge of the interministerial functioning in decentralized administration and that of the territorial collectivities".

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