Educational project (World War II): Two third year classes from Mont des Accords middle school are making history…


In June 2015, through a theatrical performance given at the Mont des Accords college, student volunteers from a third and fourth class paid tribute to the soldiers and Armenians victims of mass violence during the First World War. This commemorative action was the first part of an educational project initiated by Madame Nino and which is entitled: "Memory and entertainment".

This year, the second part of this educational project concerns the Second World War and involves two third year classes: the 3rd 11 of Madame Nino and the 3rd 12 of Madame Maaroufi who wished to participate in this project. This action aims to commemorate the bitter and heroic struggle against oppression and tyranny to defend freedom during the Second World War, to also honor the memory of all the victims of mass violence during this period.

The students of 3rd 11 and 3rd 12 of Mont des Accords college invite you to their theatrical performance around these strong points, this Friday, June 17, at 14 p.m. (school audience), at the MJC Sandy-Ground (movie theater) . _AF

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